Tuesday, February 5, 2019

Goddess Mode #1 the next Matrix?

Calling all sci/fi fans Vertigo Comics an imprint under DC Comics has released a must-read new comic… Goddess Mode. To be fair Goddess Mode is currently on issue two, I overlooked the title because of the name and cover art. It looked as if the comic was about teenagers and their adventures, boy was I wrong! Overjoyed now that I have read Goddess Mode and glad I did not miss out on the sleeper-hit of 2019!

Goddess Mode from video game developer and first-time comic writer Zoe Quinn and Spider-Gwen co-creator Robbi Rodriguez is one of the bests new comics of 2019. Fans of Science Fiction will get this comic immediately, others may find it abstruse and complex. It is somewhat hard to follow, especially for those that do not read sci/fi on a regular basis, the comic book drifts between worlds, kind of like the hit movie The Matrix, in fact that was my first impression… The Matrix on Steroids!

Our would-be heroine Cassandra Price, a young woman desperate to save her father is pulled into another world, a world within her world Azoth. In this world she will meet others like herself, beings with magical powers, commissioned with saving world. Can hacker Cassandra and the three magical female fighters defeat the monsters in this neon universe?

This video-game inspired comic book has a lot more story, but not wanting to give away too much I’ve kept a bit the story to myself, after all readers need a little cliff-hanger to get them going

Goddess Mode is great read, colorfully done it drips magic from start to finish. I highly recommend Goddess Mode for readers of all-ages and fans of science fiction.
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Wednesday, January 23, 2019

Road of The Dead... Yep Another Zombie Comic that's a Great Read!

From the creator of V-Wars comes the next terrifying zombie story, Road of The Dead. Jonathan Maberry’s newest comic book is riveting, horrific and well-written. In Road of The Dead there is a war currently going full-charge ahead, that is until the dead rise… now there is a new war, the only war… survival of the human race.
The first issue of Road of the Dead starts right in the middle of the action. Steve Hanson of the U.S. army has just returned from hell (Afghanistan), he was just supposed to rotate and head back out, then all Hell broke-out… the dead started to rise, and they were hungry… hungry for human flesh!

Steve Hanson just had to stop and take care of business, in the middle of a… business the zombies attack and it’s the end of Steve’s crew and friends. Now alone he meets up with a group who needs his help. They have an important person that needs to be transported to a lab a couple of hundred miles away (Canada)… this person, scientist Dr. Harriet Jayne may be on the road to a cure for the dead infection. And everyone wants her, the dead, the science nerds and the public who believe she already has the cure and is keeping it for the select few.

Road of the Dead reminds of the popular sci/fi show Z Nation. A group of survivors that believe they have the cure to Zombie Apocalypse and are making their way across the states as well and encounter strange and horrifying monsters and what were once people. I really like Z-Nation and absolutely love Road of The Dead! Yeah I know another zombie story, but I like zombie apocalypse survival stories and if you do as well then you really need to pick up Road of The Dead!

Drew Moss does the artwork in Road of The Dead and he draws the comic book with a realistic look. Every frame tells the story, which compliments the written words, fans know exactly what is happening right down to the blood splatter!
Road of The Dead comic book three-issue mini-series is one of George A. Romero’s lasts works and it is also a prequel to the film George A. Romero’s: Road of the Dead co-written by Romero and Matt Birman. The comic (Johnathon Mayberry’s written version) is now a prequel to George’s final zombie film, Survival of the Dead, it will tell a story about a possible cure to the zombie outbreak and gangs trying to get to be the one who has it.

I can’t say anymore about the comic other than it’s a great read! Pick up a copy for yourself today at White Dragon Comics. Online customers will find all Zombie comics here on White Dragon Comics web-based store.

Wednesday, January 16, 2019

Friendo # 1 Vault Comics... With Friends like this who needs Enemies!

Looking for a new read this week… Friendo from Vault comics caught my eye. Unsure what it was about, I jumped in eyes first, you know like trying a new food for the first time, you got to just leap right in… put that first bite in your mouth. I have to say the comic took me by surprise, its kind of weird, but I really liked it!

Friendo is set in the future and it is not a very promising future! Technology is leading the world… people are consumed with the desire to have the latest thing no matter the cost! Leo (major star of the story) a struggling actor is not having a great life, to say the least. He is kind of a jerk, anyway Leo is having a really bad day, but it’s about to get better, maybe. Leo’s girlfriend buy’s him the latest new high-end trendy technology… VR Glasses. These virtual reality glasses give Leo his very own AI, he’s a search-engine, GPS, and personal shopper all-in-one. He’s also the worst possible influence. Leo may have gotten more than he bargained for.

Friendo is currently on issue three and it keeps getting weirder! Don’t let that stop you from picking up a copy for yourself because even though it’s a strange tale, it’s a great story. Personally, I’m looking forward to seeing just how much control an AI can have on a self-centered individual… or is it the other way around, hmmmm.

If you’re into weird, sci-fi and a little horror mixed in, then this comic book was made for you! White Dragon Comics currently has Friendo in stock and for our online shoppers’, comics like Friendo can be found in our Science Fiction section.